Tekken’s On Smartphones, And No, It’s Not A Social Game. Instead…



Shocking as it might sound, there’s a Tekken game out on smartphones that isn’t a social online multiplayer RPG. Instead, CR Tekken is a re-made version of the pachinko Tekken arcade game.


Within the game you’ll be able to reproduce playing the pachinko version of the game complete with all the flashy graphics and twinkly sounds that help suck in those who enter the world of tiny metal balls flying around a screen. Just, without actually being in a pachinko parlor. Or spending real money beyond paying for the game.



This apparently includes special battle modes where huge quantities of the tiny metal balls spit out and buttons are mashed to help win fights in pretty spectacular, CG-ed up manner. Yeah, OK… look, this is, after all, a game intended to part people with their money and give them some flashy nice CG artwork in return.


That artwork ain’t cheap, though, going for 1,500 yen on the iOS store (US$15) for instance, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to try out the craziness of a pachislot machine with Jin Kazuma, it’s worth the chuckle. And this will in all likelihood be way cheaper than actually going to a pachinko parlor to try it out.