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Teleporting Shmup Dimension Drive Offers More Twisted, Challenging Stages When Players Finish It


Should players manage to defeat the Ashajuls by blasting their forces to bits across Dimension Drive’s dual screen, teleporting shmup combat, they’ll still find several new challenging levels to play through with the game’s New Game + mode.


Dimension Drive aims to mix shmup and puzzle play, doing so by giving the player the ability to make short teleports across their play area, or teleport to an entirely different level that’s playing on the other side of the screen. Two versions of each stage is always playing on either side of the screen, and players can shift over to the other side should they find trouble insurmountable on one side, or wish to dodge incoming debris or bullets. Players may also be required to maneuver through varied environments or activate mechanisms across both.

Dimensions Drive can be played across four different difficulty levels (including modes where players die on any hit, or where a single hit in the entire game will end the play session), but should players exhaust those, there is a playable Mirror Mode, which offers thirteen extra stages for players to work their way through. Depending on player skills in these stages, they will be able to climb the game’s online leaderboards.


Dimension Drive is available now on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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