Temporal Powers Let Players Choose How To Change The History Of Omensight



Omensight casts the player as the Harbinger, a warrior from outside of time, and tasks them with figuring out which characters to help or hinder in order to stop the annihilation of a magical land.


As the Harbinger, players are free to fiddle with time, taking themselves back to witness key events in the world’s destruction from different perspectives. By seeing things alongside various characters, players can get a better sense of whose actions are harmful or not, and then players can dictate whether they want to help the character or try to trip their plans up.

Players can’t freely change history without applying a little muscle. Omensight offers players the ability to fight “using fluid, stylish combat that combines swordplay and magical abilities”, tangling with various important characters that were caught up in events that lead to the lands destruction. If players correctly choose who to assist in these past battles, they will be able to rewrite history and save Urralia.


Omensight is projected to release in 2018.

Alistair Wong
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