Temtem Price Will Go Up When Kisiwa Is Added

temtem price

A Temtem price increase is on the way, but it’s happening for a good reason. See, Crema is continuing to hit the milestones it announced for the online Pokemon-like monster-raising game. It is about to hit the Summer 2020 goalpost, which will add the new Kisiwa island. That means people will pay a few dollars more.

Crema made the announcement on the Temtem Facebook page. Currently, a copy of the game costs $34.99. When Kisiwa and the other Summer 2020 content is added, the price will go up to $37.50. The developer didn’t note when the patch will be released. However, it did say, “As we mentioned on our Early Access release, Temtem’s price will increase with each big update.⁠ Since we’re getting closer to Kisiwa, we’re reminding you beforehand so you can make an informed choice.⁠”

As for what’s coming, there will be quite a bit more to explore. Kisiwa island is the big attraction, as it will bring 25 more Temtem to catch and a new area for people to visit. You’ll also finally be able to get the Climbing Gear for your avatar, which means locations blocked off even in the early game will finally be accessible. You’ll be able to get (and decorate) your own homes too.

Temtem’s early access build is available for PCs. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions will arrive in 2021.

Editor’s note: A member of Siliconera’s staff is acting as a consultant on Temtem.

Jenni Lada
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