Tencent’s WeGame Platform To Go Global And Compete With Steam


tencent wegame

Tencent announced recently that their WeGame platform, the largest PC games distribution platform in China, will be going global with a new Hong Kong version that is in development. WeGame is poised to compete with Valve’s Steam platform in the same market. [Thanks, SCMP!]


WeGame is an expansion and upgrade of Tencent’s previous Tencent Games Platform, where users can watch livestreams, communicate with developers, and download PC games. Currently there are about 220 titles available on the platform, including overseas games such as Don’t Starve Together. It’s also has advantages like localized content, a support scheme for Chinese indies.


What the Hong Kong version of WeGame will offer is a chance for more Chinese games to reach the global market, as well as help Tencent speed up the game inclusion process, as restrictions in Hong Kong are not as strict as in mainland China.


The Hong Kong version of WeGame is currently in development. In a similar move, last month Valve and Perfect World Games announced that the Steam platform would be headed into China as Steam China.

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