Terra Battle 2 Is In The Works For Smartphones And PC, Teasers On Terra Wars



Following the teaser earlier today, Final Fantasy creator and head of Mistwalker Hironobu Sakaguchi shared additional details on Terra Battle 2 and a bit on Terra Wars in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Terra Battle 2’s platforms are revealed as PC, iOS, and Android. It’s a cooperative development between Mistwalker and Silicon Studio and features 20 new tracks by Nobuo Uematsu.


The player character won’t grow, but characters can be enhances through various equipment, and you can have up to four buddy characters.


As for Terra Wars, it’s a game that features Terra Battle characters in claymation. They say that they’ve taken about 2,000 photographs from eight angles for each character’s image data. More information will become available after Terra Battle 2 launches.


Here are some highlights from the interview with Sakaguchi:

  • Sakaguchi wants to create a “Terra World” that starts with both Terra Battle 2 and Terra Wars having the same concept, while having a different world view and scenario as well as a completely new system for both titles.


  • He wants to build Terra Battle using numbered titles in a similar way to the Final Fantasy series and hopes to reach around nine titles expanding across the Terra World universe.


  • We’ll see a different setting, scenario, and characters for each numbered Terra Battle, but the story foundation will be the same for all of them. He’s thinking of adding such a Final Fantasy taste to the series.


  • The service for the first Terra Battle will continue. A major update will launch towards the end of June.


  • Terra Battle 2’s images, sound, and scenario are being handled by Mistwalker, while the programming side is being taken care of by Silicon Studio.


  • Most of the efforts went into the world and scenario of Terra Battle 2. We can expect to see about 50 chapters for the story, and may get a new one added each Friday. Sakaguchi hopes to deliver it in a drama-like way on a weekly basis.


Terra Battle 2 is in development for iPhone, Android, and PC. No further details on Terra Wars’ platform have been shared.

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