Terra Battle 2’s Latest Footage Shows Its New And Evolved Features From The First Game



Following the announcement of Terra Battle 2, Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi further demonstrated the game during a live stream with Famitsu, where he showed off new and familiar features.


We get to see footage from the game starting at the 8:18 with the main menu, which has options such as Quests, Story, Shop, World Map, Friends, Achievements, and Options. By swiping to the right, there are separate screens for Team, Edit, List, and such for your party and characters.


At 9:55 we see the gameplay in motion, and it’s pretty much the same as the original Terra Battle, so those of you who played the first game should have no trouble jumping in. We get to see Terra Battle 2’s vast new battlefield at the 13:13 mark of the video, which shows a different approach in starting battles from the field in the sequel.


You’re able to decide how many monsters you fight by having them within a vicinity of your battle zone, which is demonstrated at around 19:28, but as shown in the footage, you’ll want to be careful on party placement as one of the triplets wasn’t inside the zone when the battle started so they had to go with a party of four for the fight instead of five.


Terra Battle 2 is expected to launch sometime this summer in North America and Japan for iPhone, Android, and PC. You can read more about the game including its first trailer in our previous report.

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