Terra Battle Reaches 1.5 Million Downloads, New Co-Op Mode Being Added



Mistwalker has announced that its strategy RPG Terra Battle has reached over 1.5 million downloads across iOS and Android. This milestone unlocks even more content for the game as outlined in the Download Starter campaign.


First of all, since Siliconera last checked in, Terra Battle reached the 1.3 million download mark, unlocking an art book for the game. And, for reaching 1.4 million downloads a Terra Battle figurine is now in production.


Now, with this 1.5 million downloads milestone, new characters designed by Final Fantasy character designer and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano will be added to Terra Battle, as well as a new story scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, who is known for design work on Final Fantasy XII and Vagrant Story.

Plus, Mistwalker has announced an online multiplayer co-op mode for Terra Battle in its next update. This is independent of the Download Starter.


It’ll allow you to team up with friends online in the Friend Room to clear stages to earn yourselves a free “Energy” each. You can also play co-op in Story mode and co-op specific dungeons, and inside these, while your friend is taking their turn you can tap your screen to fill your Summon gauge. Once it’s full you can bring in your summoned monster in your next turn – you can collect specific items to level these monsters up, too.


Lastly, new adventurers will be introduced in the next update for Terra Battle by the game’s illustrator Kimihiko Fujisaka. If you haven’t downloaded Terra Battle yourself yet then you can grab it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Chris Priestman