Terraria: Otherworld Takes The Action-Sandbox Game To An Alternate Dimension



Re-Logic and Engine Software have revealed the first details of Terraria: Otherworld along with a pre-alpha teaser. This is the sequel to popular 2D action-sandbox adventure Terraria that was previously referred to as “Terraria 2.”


As the name implies, Otherworld takes place in an alternate dimension inside the Terraria universe, one that has been overrun by a malevolent force.  You’ll enter this place where nature itself has been corrupted to embark on a journey with a rag-tag group of survivors to restore this world to its original state.



This will involve having to use weaponry, magic, defense, and apparently the world itself to beat back evil forces. No specific details have been given regarding how you’d do that but given that it’s Terraria it’ll presumably involve digging up resources, crafting items, and then using them in your efforts.


Look out for more details about Terraria: Otherworld emerging on its website.

Chris Priestman