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Meet The Enemies In The Next Legend of Heroes Game


001 The newest installment in Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes RPG series, Trails in the Flash, is set in Thors Academy, a prestigious military school in the Erebonian Empire. Rean and his friends attend the academy and live life like a regular student. Well, not too regular since they get to meet the prime minister and have to face a mysterious terrorist group threatening the empire.


Gideon Age: 34

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Gideon is the subleader of the terrorist group known as the Empire Liberation Front. He bears an tremendous hatred against Prime Minister Osborne and is always laying a conspiracy.


Scarlet Age: 22

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Scarlet is a high officer in the Empire Liberation Front and the lone woman in the organization. She fights with a Temple Sword, a special weapon owned by the Knights of the Seven Lights Church.


Vulcan Age: 32

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Vulcan is the commander of the Empire Liberation Front’s combat force. As you can tell by his size, he bears incredible physical strength and can wield an enormous Gatling gun.


003 (4)

Located in the center of a grain-producing region is the town of Celdic, a trading center for every kind of product. Many people visit the town by railroad to attend the weekly market. Recently, however, there have warehouse break-ins and other incidents, which have led nobles to administer a large tax increase, predictably dissatisfying a lot of merchants.


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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be released on September 26 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.