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Terry Bogard Brings The Heat In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s fourth DLC character Terry Bogard has hit the scene, bringing in command specials, attack cancelling, desperation attacks, and more into the party fighter game. Today, director Masahiro Sakurai spent 45 minutes gushing about SNK’s fighter history, as well as Terry Bogard’s moveset.


    One of the biggest features Terry brings in is the ability to cancel some of his normal attacks into his special moves. Additionally, using the commands from the original game will also power up his moves, like with Ryu and Ken. Terry also gets a ‘Go!’ sign next to his portrait when he is above 100%, allowing him to use his finishers like Power Geyser and Buster Wolf.


    Terry comes with the ‘King of Fighters’ stage (not to be mistaken with The King of Fighters), which has an interesting gimmick that revolves around invisible walls that are common in fighting games. Here, the walls will break when characters are hit towards them at a certain speed.

    Additionally, characters related to Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters show up as guests that appear in the back, similar to the early KOF games. The stage also has around 50 songs to choose from thanks to SNK, including some from their older arcade games like Alpha Mission and Psycho Soldier, as well as songs from Metal Slug.


    You can check out the entire presentation below:


    Additionally, here’s the full reveal trailer for Terry, including what he can do:


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch.

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