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Teseo, Ghauri, And A Mysterious Girl Join Azure Striker Gunvolt 2’s Cast


Inti Creates has introduced three more of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2’s characters. Two of the latest additions to the cast are Teseo and Ghauri, two adepts who are part of the Eden group’s seven adepts and want to see all non-adepts eliminated. They’re joined by a mysterious girl who is, appropriately enough, known as Mysterious Girl.


Here’s a look at Teseo, Ghauri, and the Mysterious Girl, complete with Inti Creates’ initial character descriptions.


Teseo the Serial Experiment (VA: Tomonori Ishihara)

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His “Hack the Planet” septima allows him to take physical material and transform it into computer data, and conversely, take data and manifest it in the real world. He was a former contributor at a website for uploading foreign movies, and once things went south for his beloved website he became fascinated by Eden’s transmission equipment and decided to join up with them. He uses a lot of internet slang in his everyday speech, and irritates everyone around him every time he opens his mouth… he by no means does this intentionally.

Ghauri the Prism Master (VA: Chiharu Sawashiro)

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His “Prism Cataclysm” septima allows him to create crystals at will. A former street dancer, his constantly amped up, upbeat attitude is quite infectious within Eden. For better or worse, he will speak in rhymes, to the point where a sentence will lose its meaning just so he can complete a successful rhyme. If he coats the ground with a crystalline material, he can glide along the surface like a roller skating rink. He’s currently working day and night on combining the powers of his crystal generation septima with a hot new original dance.

Mysterious Girl (VA: Kaori Nazuka)


A young girl who appeared before Gunvolt and Copen, she expresses herself with a level of poise and order that does not befit her childish appearance. She is an adept, but her abilities are unknown. What could she be after……?


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will appear on Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems on August 25, 2016. It will come to North America and Europe in summer 2016.

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