Test Your Nerve With This 1v1 Game Of Chicken


Ever play a game of chicken with your friends? It usually involves holding out until the last second before moving out the way of something that will hit you (unfortunately some people take the concept too far). Pool Party Pummel is exactly that turned into a 1v1 fighting game.


You and a friend play as burly bears riding blow-up ducks in a pool arena. The idea, quite simply, is to knock your opponent off their duck and into the water.


You do this by lashing out your bear claws to strike them. But doing this can leave you vulnerable to being hit yourself should your opponent successfully dodge the attack.


It’s a game of high tension in which you’re both anticipating hits, trying to dodge strikes before they arrive, and looking for an opening to safely launch your own. You can download Pool Party Pummel for free on

Chris Priestman