Testing The NES Classic Edition Controller’s Compatibility With Wii U And Virtual Console Titles



The NES Classic Edition is just about a week away from releasing, and a new video from GameXplain recently tested the mini console’s controller with the Wii U to see if it possessed any compatibility. Among the titles tested with the controller were Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Maker, as well as a few Virtual Console titles such as Super Mario World and Super Mario 64, with varying results. To see how the NES Classic Edition controller fared with each title, you can watch the following video.


Testing the NES Classic Controller:


Additionally, a good bit of gameplay footage from the NES Classic Edition and its library of titles has surfaced, courtesy of USGamer.


NES Classic Edition gameplay:


The NES Classic Edition will release in Japan and Australia on November 10th and in North America and Europe on November 11th.