Tetsuya Nomura Believes Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Was Destined To Happen

Tetsuya Nomura Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has officially launched, and series Director Tetsuya Nomura has written a message to commemorate the release. This message contains information about the Dark Seeker Saga, and Nomura mentions that there are still many things to talk about. Aside from more cryptic clues about what could potentially be in store for the Kingdom Hearts series, Nomura also mentioned that “it all came together like it was destined to be. I do tend to believe in destiny.” [Thanks, KH Insider and GOLDPLANNER!]

Director Tetsuya Nomura mentions, specifically, that Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is meant to depict series antagonist Xehanort’s childhood. “..the protagonist of Dark Road is the Xehanort we see playing a board game in Kingdom Hearts III.” Nomura says. He also mentioned that this concept has been in his head for many years. However, the project was shelved because the idea “never fitted what our team wanted.”

He goes on to say that he “heard from the Union x team that they’d like to do a parallel title with a new protagonist. And, since it seemed there was an unexpected number of Xehanort fans out there…” Nomura also mentions as a closing statement that he will save more information for another time.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is the latest mobile entry to the Kingdom Hearts series. As you can imagine from the information above, this scenario will star Xehanort. Four new characters have been introduced since the reveal of this title, though little information about these new characters has been revealed.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. People can play it within Kingdom Hearts: Union x, which is immediately available.

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