Take a Look at the Latest Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Key Art

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Key Art

New key art for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has surfaced via the official Twitter account. As one might suspect, Xehanort and Eraqus, along with the four new characters, are part of the latest key art. In addition to the release of this new artwork, a smartphone wallpaper will be shared if the embedded Twitter post receives over 2,000 retweets. And as one might imagine, the tweet already has.

Additionally, aside from the new Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road key art, other screenshots have been shared. This includes a look at gameplay, environments, and cutscenes in Dark Road. Naturally, these images have resemblance to the art style and other systems in Kingdom Hearts Union X, since Dark Road will be accessible through the Union X app.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road will be a new game, but it will only be accessible through the Kingdom Hearts Union X app. Additionally, the game can be played as a standalone and will not require the completion of Union X to access.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was scheduled to launch in Spring 2020. However, the release date has been pushed back and there is currently no information on a new window of release. Kingdom Hearts fans will have to wait with baited breath for any announcement of a potential release date until then.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been delayed, but Kingdom Hearts Union χ is immediately available to download on Android and iOS.

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