Tetsuya Nomura Makes An In-Game Appearance… In 16-Bit Fashion



We’ve seen the likes of Keiji Inafune and Hideo Kojima make appearances in video games, and it looks like Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura is next up, as he makes a guest appearance in pixel-art form as part of a Dot Shaker app campaign with Final Fantasy Record Keeper. (Thanks, Famitsu)


To get you up to speed, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a mobile game, where you help Deci, a student working under Dr. Mog, to enter paintings which contain memories of different Final Fantasy games.



Dot Shaker is a “shake action game” where you can collect points to acquire items that can be used in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


As part of a new campaign for the game, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura and Ichiro Hazama, along with voice actress Shoko Nakagawa, will appear as guest characters.


Here’s are some comments from the guests about their appearance in Final Fantasy Record Keeper:


Tetsuya Nomura:


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“My favorite numbered-title game is Final Fantasy VII. My favorite character is Cloud. As far as my pixel art character goes… maybe the cape was too much?”


Ichiro Hazama:


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“To me, Final Fantasy’s charm lies within its profound stories and the characters that paint the picture. Also the music. About my pixel art character… I thought, “Yeah, yeah! That, that!”


Shoko Nakagawa:


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“To think that I’m in a video game, and better yet in the world of Final Fantasy that I love! Also with my Mamitasu-sama! This is great!”


[Photographs courtesy Famitsu.]

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