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That Horrifying Creature Is Soul Sacrifice’s Elf Enemy


We’ve seen a few Soul Sacrifice monsters and their tragic back stories. Keiji Inafune’s game also has an elf, but it’s nothing like Legolas of the Woodland Realm. Soul Sacrifice’s Elf comes from the land of Dandelions…




There once existed an empty valley of nothingness without even a glimpse of life. One day, a cloud of seeds appeared out of nowhere, and a single dandelion flower was born. Every Spring, the number of dandelions multiplied, and before long, the entire field was covered in yellow flowers. Everything was going great for the dandelions, but over time, they would face a problem. No matter how much the dandelions tried to spread outside the valley, their seeds could never make it over the towering cliffs surrounding the land. Over-crowded and in despair, the dandelions were no longer able to spread their offspring as nature intended.


One day, a young girl fell into the ravine, covered in blood and mysteriously without a single scratch on her body. When she awoke, she was stunned by her surrounding and quickly realized that she was stuck in a land full of dandelions. The girl continuously tried to find a way out, but her attempts all ended in failure. She eventually came to peace with the idea of being stuck forever in the ravine; as she spent her days looking back at her life and telling herself that everything happens for a reason. She spent the rest of her life alone with the dandelions – engulfed with an inexplicable desire to have children.

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