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That’s An Ultra Cute Pile Of Miku Pre-order Bonuses For Project Mirai 2

There’s a pile of pre-order bonuses available for Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2, all of them beyond cute with Miku in her super-deformed version. These all come separately for different retailers in Japan, so if you want the full set you’ll have to shell out quite a bit. That, or just sigh after them like I am while writing this…


It reminds me of the last time I had to write up a pre-order bonus list. This is one hell of a way to drum up interest amongst the hardcore fans. Now, if anyone adds up the numbers here, that’s 26 shop pre-order bonuses. The thing is, without a definitive yes/no on whether some of those not pictured (Read more below) we can’t be sure if it unseats Danganronpa for most number of pre-orders… Yet, anyway.



COMG! picks up a telephone card



WonderGOO gets a teacup. A freakin’ teacup!!!


004 005

Animate gets a set of large-sized tin badges



GameArk, Crest Treasure Island and Papyrus pick up a B5 clear-file



Don Quixote (Also known as Don Kihote… Don’t ask) gets a 2014 calendar.




Stellaworth get another large tin badge set aimed straight at the ladies – It’s an otome (woman’s) game website.



Happinet Online pick up a beautifully large A3-sized poster. Oh man… that would fill the hole in front of my desk when I look up to rest my eyes…


Sega also have more preorder bonuses at other stores that weren’t pictured. These include:



AR Postcard


Family Mart:

AR Card

Tin badge


Asobitto City:

Telephone card


Ami Ami:

Quo Card



Book card





Treasure Famizu:

Book card



Microfibre towel


GameStation Media World:

Mini towel


Circle K:

Mouse pad and tablet cleaner


Sanyo Bookstore:

Clear File



Quo Card



Telephone card


Sega Store:

Glass mug


Tin badge



Tin badge set



Can strap


Momotaro Kingdom:

Bromide picture


Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 will be out for the Nintendo 3DS November 28th.


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