The 2019 Fire Emblem Heroes April Fools’ Day Joke Might Break Your Heart


fire emblem heroes april fools The Fire Emblem Heroes April Fools’ Day joke is here, and it involves one of the mobile game’s most beloved characters. When people sign into the app today, the opening announcement reveals that “something legendary” joins the battle. The over one minute video then teases people with a hypothetical, playable Feh. (Which will never, ever actually appear in the game.)


The April Fools’ Feh is dubbed the “Legendary Owl.” The supposed owl would have a wind element blessing, be a beast-type unit flying unit, and would be colorless.  Her weapon would be Feh’s Talons, with a +99 boost to every stat and a description that reads, “I can’t let them counterattack! No, I’ll be the one counter attacking… if the foe initiates combat, regardless of foe’s range! She also has an Eavesdropping Owl special, with a 100 cooldown, and Feh’s Mimicry with +9 range to mimic other heroes.


The video then ends with a fashion show that puts Feh in some of the most notable Fire Emblem Heroes accessories, before noting she has a 0% summon rate and there are no plans to make her a playable unit.



However, to make up for the unit, every Fire Emblem Heroes user will get Feh’s Orb as an accessory for a hero to wear.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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