The 3-Player Final Fight Mod Will Release On December 12, 2019


Earlier this year, modders Grego and Rotwang announced that they were working on a 3-player mod for classic Capcom beat ’em up Final Fight, celebrating the game’s 30th anniversary. The mod is now near completion, and they have announced a December 12, 2019 release date for the mod.

The main draw of this mod of the game is that it allows for three players to play at the same time, alongside the necessary UI adjustments. New color palettes have also been added in order to facilitate this. What’s really interesting is that the modded game actually works even on arcade hardware.

Check out the release date trailer with new gameplay below:

Final Fight was originally released in arcades. The 3-player mod will release on December 1, 2019.

Alistair Wong
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