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The 8 Lapis x Labyrinth Classes Show Off Their Moves In New Footage




In Lapis x Labyrinth, people stack different sorts of warriors for their labyrinth runs in order to make more powerful parties who will be better at weathering the hordes of enemies. To help potential players better understand how that works, a new video has been released looking at all eight of the different character classes that will be available.  It spends almost three minutes first showing the classes, then showing how they function in a fight, then finally looking at how you can customize a character before sending them out.


As a reminder, people can make bishops, destroyers, gunners, hunters, maids, necromancers, shielders, and witches. The bishops, necromancers, and witches all use different kind of magic alongside their weapons, with bishops healing, necromancers using controlling spells, and witches relying on the elements. The destroyers, gunners, hunters, maids, and shielders resort to physical attacks more often, with each having certain niches they fill. For example, the maid carries a frying pan and also is known for cooking, while the hunter sounds like they would function like a rogue.


Here is the Lapis x Labyrinth class trailer showing all the things adventurers can be.



Lapis x Labyrinth will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America on May 28, 2019 and in Europe on May 31, 2019. It is immediately available on both platforms in Japan.

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