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The ‘90s Arcade Racer Wii U Footage Shows Off An Unexpected Mini-Game



Pelikan13 and publisher Nicalis have released new footage of The ‘90s Arcade Racerrunning on the Wii U in 720p and at 60 frames per second. But that’s not all.


If you watch the video above to the end you’ll see two completely new reveals for the game. First off is a new track that’s made to resemble a slot car toy inside a child’s bedroom – you race around as a miniature car while toy planes whiz around on a ceiling fan high above. Around the outside of the track you can see boxing globes, gift-wrapped presents, a bed, balloons, and a toy monster truck. There’s an old television set that seems to date this bedroom in the 1990s, which would make sense, this being The ‘90s Arcade Racer after all.



Also inside this bedroom is an arcade cabinet. It seems that it’s functional, and at the very end of the video we’re shown that it plays an arcade game that’s best compared to the Buster Bros. titles. It’s called Pop Dat! and has you playing as a mouse that holds two pistols upwards, allowing you to run along a 2D plane and shoot the balloons above to score points.

Chris Priestman