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The Artwork And Classes In Dragon’s Dogma Quest



Capcom’s freemium Vita game, Dragon’s Dogma Quest, has a hand painted feel to it. In the game, you play as an Enlightened One whose heart is torn out by a dragon. Guided by Lota, another Enlightened One from your hometown, you set off on a journey to reclaim your heart. Olivia is the princess of Latania Kingdom who runs into the protagonist. For more details about the story, check out this post.


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Julien, Mercedes, and Mountebank return from Dragon’s Dogma.


Players will fight familiar enemies like the Griffon, Goblins, Behemoth, and of course a Dragon.


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Dragon’s Dogma Quest has over 150 jobs for pawns. Some of these like Strider are from Dragon’s Dogma, but most are new. From left to right we have: Strider, Rogue, Magic Archer, Poison Enchanter, Reversal Specialist, Resonance Specialist, Gatherer, Elemental Tutelary, and Arc Guardian.


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Dragon’s Dogma Quest is slated for release this fall for PlayStation Vita.

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