The Attack On Titan Real Escape Game Returns To Japan This Summer



The real escape game based on Attack on Titan debuted last year in nine locations around the world and it’s returning this year with only Tokyo and Osaka confirmed so far (thanks Rocket News).


It’s like an “escape the room” game except for it being combined with role-playing. As such, you have to dress up as a member of the Survey Corps and enter an arena made out to be the anime series’ walled city to solve puzzles within a time limit. If you don’t then a Titan swoops down and (figuratively) eats you.



Due to the success of the event last year, this year’s (called  “Escape from an Amusement Park Surrounded by Titans”) is bigger, and comes with new challenges, a themed menu (served on Attack on Titan mats and coasters), and large Attack on Titan sculptures to help you get into your role.


This year it all takes place in Tokyo Dome City Attractions Amusement Park from July 18th to September 23rd, and at Hirakata Park in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture from July 24th to September 6th. You can find out more about the event on its website.

Chris Priestman