The Best and Worst of the Los Angeles Wii Launch Party





1. The crowd had a great vibe of gamer camaraderie the whole night.


2. Making it through alive and not ending up like this guy.


3. Seeing Adam Sessler and Jessica Chobot buy their Wiis like a layman.


4. Pictochatting with other people in line and seeing how many different ways you can sneak a drawing of a penis into the conversation.


5. SegWiis!





1. Bad management.  The people either didn’t know what was going on, or were lying to us about the number of consoles available for people who did not pre-order.


2. The special surprise guest DJ Rap spoke about was vague and possibly didn’t show up.


3. No dance competition!


4. The restaurants on Citywalk closed before the Wii event ended, so there was no way to satisfy 3am-I’m-still-in-line munchies.


5. Not having enough Wiis for everyone who wanted one.

Louise Yang