The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth’s Huge Expansion Arrives On October 30th

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Edmund McMillen has announced that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (the huge expansion for Rebirth) will be out for Steam on October 30th. It’ll be sold for $9.99. A release date for consoles hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s said to not be far away.


McMillen reckons that Afterbirth adds over 100 hours of play to Rebirth as well as a bunch of completely new features. First off, there’s Greed Mode, which is a new game mode that focuses on risk/reward and has new endings and a new final boss. There are also Daily Runs that let let you compete for highscore and best times on daily seeded runs.


The main game has been expanded with a new final area along with another new final boss and ending. Then there’s all this:


  • 10 totally new and awesome challenges
  • 1000+ new rooms, as well as new tiny rooms, closets and giant arching hallways
  • a totally new playable character, Lilith, mother of demons
  • 120 new items! not counting tons of new pickups, chests, pills, bombs, cards etc. taking the item count up beyond 525
  • 4 new alternate chapters with new chapter specific enemy types, visual themes, and surprises
  • a new seed code combo page, as well as a butt ton of new seed codes that mod the game
  • a greatly expanded soundtrack
  • new room types like, trap rooms, double treasure rooms, and ultra rare closets
  • a greatly expanded and updated hud system
  • tons of new secret transformations
  • 8 new bosses
  • 25+ new enemies
  • updated item combo system
  • far too many new achievements
  • 20 million new co-op babies


Pre-orders for Afterbirth will likely open up next week and will allow you to shave off a significant chunk of the full price.

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