The Bullets Don’t Stop Bouncing In This Ridiculous Deathmatch Party



Force of Habit’s Friendship Club is now out on Steam Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the full price of $11.99. It’s an over-the-top bullet hell deathmatch for 2-4 players in which the bullets you fire keep bouncing off the walls until they hit someone.


It all takes place inside the wild mind of Timmy Bibble and so you each play one of his imaginary friends. You can be a beast from the mountains, a prospector driven mad by gold lust, a “ninja, bandit, skeleton… thing”, or a duck from the Vatican.


With the character selection done, you then have a range of game modes to try out – these are just as wacky, including Headbutt, Standoff, Turbo Bullets, and Trick Shot (and more). It’s also possible to adjust the game speed from super slow-mo to Hyper Speed, and everything in between.



Finally,  with all that picked, you can get to shooting each other in the game’s procedurally generated arenas of “improbable dimensions.” And as Timmy Bibble is a boy from the 1950s, everything is designed to be a mish-mash of music and animation from that era.


You can find out more about Friendship Club on its website.

Chris Priestman