The Coral Cave Teases A Serene Adventure Through Okinawan Culture



Atelier Sentô has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming 2D point-and-click adventure The Coral Cave.


It follows a young Japanese girl called Mizuka who lives on a remote island in the Okinawa archipelago. The adventure begins after Mizuka has a strange dream and awakens to find her island in danger. She then has to explore the island and enter the spirit world in order to save her village.


There will be puzzles to complete, including collecting pieces of coral to insert into a large golden disc, interacting with machinery, and exploring the debris of the coastal village and its gloriously picturesque beach. The characters and backgrounds are painted in watercolor and hand-animated on paper.



The Coral Cave is being created by a studio based in France, consisting of comic artists Olivier Pichard, Cécile Brun, and Candian artist Josh Tierney, while Okinawan native Ryoko Kokuba is providing the Japanese translation.


The plan is to launch the game on PC with a demo coming very soon. You can currently buy postcards and prints from the game on its official store. Check out its website for more details.

Chris Priestman