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The Cyclops In Soul Sacrifice Became A Monster After Sacrificing His Eye



    Be careful what you wish for because in Soul Sacrifice sometimes your dream comes true at a horrific cost. Take the story of the Cyclops, one of the monsters players will fight in the PlayStation Vita game, as a cautionary tale.


    The Cyclops was once an aspiring blacksmith who always gave it his all. Although he was very skilled, he was always second best to his rival. He was too proud of his own skills to ever admit that his rival was in fact better than himself. Over time, his jealousy grew into a volatile hatred, as he was consumed by darkness for his sin. One day, he wished to become the greatest blacksmith known to the world, and his wish was granted… by darkness itself.


    By sacrificing his own eye, he forged the greatest spear known to man. However, this was not the end to his sad tale. As we all know, evil never plays fair, and didn’t make any exceptions. Instead of settling for just an eye, the darkness also consumed his entire being and transformed him into a Cyclops monster to teach the poor blacksmith a lesson about greed and envy.


    After defeating a monster in Soul Sacrifice you have a choice – you can either sacrifice the Cyclops’ pour soul or spare it. Check out our hands on with Soul Sacrifice for more about the monster sacrificing system



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