The Dark Souls Series Has Exceeded Over 27 Million In Sales Worldwide

Dark Souls Worldwide Sales

The Dark Souls series has exceeded over 27,000,000 in cumulative sales worldwide. The information comes from an official statement from BANDAI NAMCO. The announcement came alongside the information that Dark Souls III has sold 10,000,000 and counting in sales. BANDAI NAMCO goes on to say that Dark Souls III still has a strong community and player base, despite the release of the game in 2016.  [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Since the original release of Dark Souls in 2011, the series has garnered critical acclaim. It has gone on to effectively create its own sub-genre of games, and inspire the works of other developers from around the world. BANDAI NAMCO also says that the worldwide sales of the Dark Souls series has proven the deep-rooted popularity of the IP.

The statement from BANDAI NAMCO also mentions Elden Ring, an upcoming title by FromSoftware in collaboration with author George R.R. Martin. In the statement, BANDAI NAMCO says that they “expect to deliver a game that players throughout the world will enjoy.” Yuka Kitamura, the composer behind Bloodborne, Sekiro and Dark Souls III, will be working on the soundtrack for Elden Ring.

The Dark Souls series is immediately available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.


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