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The Deathball In N++ Looks Like It’ll Make You Destroy Your PS4 Controller



PlayStation has released the first in a 6-part video series that introduces the various enemies you’ll have to avoid in ninja puzzle platformer N++ when it arrives on PlayStation 4 later this year.


The first video, which you can watch above, highlights the Deathball. It’s a large ball that chases you through the air as you jump across the levels. It’s the kind of enemy that’s really going to test your skills as you’re going to want to move fast enough to avoid getting anywhere near the Deathball.


The reason for that can be seen nearer the end of the video when the Deathball finally makes contact with the player character. What happens? They explode into bits. Pretty nasty. Making matters worse, the Deathball doesn’t always travel alone, sometimes it comes in a group of horrible sky mines that won’t leave you alone.

Chris Priestman