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The Escapists Moves Away From Console Exclusivity On Xbox One, Now Also Heading To PS4



Mouldy Tooth Games and Team17 are bringing prison escape game The Escapists to PlayStation 4. It was previously released on PC and was Xbox One in February 2015.


It has you playing as an inmate in a state prison from which your aim is to escape. Doing that involves a lot of planning and possibly some luck. You’ll need to learn and adhere to the strict prison schedule in order to avoid any unwanted attention as you acquire items you need to break out from behind bars.


Weapons and tools can be crafted from the 200+ items, or you can risk life and limb by stealing them from within the prison (from the staff or other prisoners). These include cutters, shovels, sheet ropes, and your more vicious inventory might span a Sock Mace, Comb Blade, or something as resourceful as a cup of molten chocolate – delicious and dangerous.



You’ll probably want to work one of the available jobs to earn yourself some cash to grease the right palms to engineer your plans, too – delivering mail, woodwork, laundry, being the janitor, or more. These jobs may also let you learn the layout of the prison and give you rare opportunities to acquire other items.


The Escapsists has six different prisons for you to escape from with six unique methods to try out. No release date regarding its arrival on PS4 was given.

Chris Priestman