The Evangelion CD Reco Frees Your CDs From Physicality

Evangelion CD Reco

Do you want to transcend the bonds of physical existence, but the Human Instrumentality Project is too big a job for you on your lonesome? IO Data wants to help you start small, like with something more manageable. Say, your collection of music CDs. Enter the Neon Genesis Evangelion CD Reco.

The Evangelion CD Reco is, essentially, an Evangelion-themed edition of IO Data’s rather niche little device. The device itself is essentially a portable, Wi-Fi-enabled CD drive that can automatically rip music from a CD, encode it, and copy it to a smartphone app, all without having to use a PC. It can also burn new CDs using any files it’s already ripped, allowing the creation of mix discs on the go.

Of course, that would all be true for any CD Reco model, but seeing as this is the Evangelion CD Reco, IO Data have some Evangelion-themed goodies to go along with the item. The device itself comes with a pair of replaceable faceplates. The first features episode titles, song lyrics, and quotes from the show done up in its distinctive typography. The second features Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, and Mari from the Rebuild of Evangelion films. Lastly, the device also comes with a special two-disc soundtrack packed with 49 pieces from the series and films.

And the price for all this? A cool 19,800 Yen (about $186 USD). An unadorned CD Reco costs about $110 USD, so would-be buyers have to judge if the extra is a worthy premium for some art and music. But then again, Evangelion is hardly a stranger to unusual merchandise items.

The Evangelion CD Reco is out now, and available from here.

Josh Tolentino
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