The Fate/Grand Order Valentine’s Event Is a Literary Love Letter

Fate Grand Order

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in the world of gacha games like Fate/Grand Order, that can mean only one thing. It is time for an event. FGO is going all-out on the chocolate as always. This time things, will also have a literary edge, thanks to a new character.

New to the game is none other than Murasaki Shikibu, a 10th-century Japanese author and creator of what is considered to be the world’s first novel: The Tale of Genji. The book follows the adventures of Hikaru Genji, the son of an ancient Japanese emperor. The Tale of Genji became famous even in its own time for its detailed descriptions of courtly romance and aristocratic society, cementing the theory that Murasaki Shikibu (her pen name) was actually a lady-in-waiting in the court of the Fujiwara, the clan that monopolized the regencies of Heian-era Japan.

The tale’s author enters Fate/Grand Order‘s playable roster as a limited, five-star rarity, Caster-class Servant. Check out Lady Murasaki’s Arts-element Noble Phantasm:

Being the marquee Servant for the event, Murasaki will of course only be available to those lucky enough to acquire her through the gacha. However, the Fate/Grand Order Valentine’s Day event will have other goodies and opportunities for players. It takes the familiar “points ladder” format and challenges Masters to clear quests and gather up points. Each tier cleared unlocks a reward. Clearing battles also awards currency that can be traded in for more goodies.

As with the previous Fate/Grand Order Valentine’s Day events, players can also receive special “Valentine’s Day Choco Craft Essences” from the Servants in their rosters. Finally, you too can experience the joy of receiving a sweet gift from history’s greatest heroes and monsters.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on iOS and Android. The Valentine’s Day 2021 event “Voices and Letters! Murasaki Shikibu and the Seven Cursed Books” begins on February 3, 2021 and continues until February 16, 2021.

Josh Tolentino
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