The Final Game On Nintendo’s Tiniest Handheld Has Been Fan Translated


The Pokémon Mini was Nintendo’s smallest ever handheld gaming machine, entirely focused on providing byte-sized Pokémon games for the portable crowd. Despite the console’s small demeanor, fans have been heavy at work fan translating the console’s limited lineup, and the latest game, Pichu Bros. mini, is the final game to be fan translated into English.


The game itself is a variety pack of six different minigames, themed after the Pichu Bros., two Pichu that were reoccurring characters across the Pokemon Gold & Silver era of the Pokemon anime, and their friends. In Magby’s Hot Air Balloon, players must try accurately count 10 seconds in order for Magby to land safely. In another game, players play catch-the-bone with Cubone. There’s also a skateboarding game with Pichu, and overall, while the games don’t last long, they are worth a look just for the novelty.


Check out the translation patch here.


Pichu Bros. mini released for the Pokémon Mini.

Alistair Wong
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