The First 25 Hours Of Pharmacist RPG Faraway Story Are Available In English



VGPerson has translated indie Japanese studio Fantasy Factory’s pharmacist action-RPG Faraway Story into English.


It follows the pharmacist-in-training Pia as she travels to the neighboring town of Port Fina determined to cure a disease. Upon arrival, she discovers the Faraway Continent – a giant landmass floating in the sky – but the townsfolk are unphased by it although many rumors about it are spread. You stick with Pia as she starts her little item shop in the town and ends up going on adventures.


The game is comprised of lengthy story scenes that are interspersed with fighting through randomized and predetermined dungeons with a variety of weapons and magic. As you play a pharmacist, a big part of the game is gathering and creating new items via alchemy, and improving your skills to get better items for yourself, as well as selling them at your shop.


Faraway Story is made in Wolf RPG Editor and has three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Ultimate. It’s said to have a proper difficulty curve but even on Normal you’ll want to take the time to create new items to help you through the game.


Finally, it should be noted that Faraway Story is a long game with a long plot and with plenty of side content to complete too. And that’s only Part 1. “The game is complete in a sense, but has an extensive ‘post-game’ planned,” VGPerson explains. “One entire scenario, Part 1, is fully playable (and approximately 25 hours long). However, a second (of theoretically comparable length) is still in the works, and does promise a true conclusion to the story. Version 0.65.11 contains three chapters of the Part 2 scenario. It could be a long time before Part 2 is fully complete.”


You can download Faraway Story’s English version on VGPerson’s website.

Chris Priestman