The First Of Game Freak’s Illustration Videos For Pulseman Is Now Fully Subbed



Up until now, Game Freak has been releasing new videos of illustration videos for characters from various games they made, and the first one released about Pulseman has now been fully subtitled in English.


In the video, Pulseman director Ken Sugimori tries to draw the character for the first time in a while, while talking about various tidbits of inspiration for the character and his design. For example, Pulseman’s Japanese anime-inspired design was made as a direct opposition to Sonic the Hedgehog’s design, as Sonic was popular in the ‘90s and had a Western cartoon look to it.


You can watch the full video below (captions are found by clicking the button in the player):


Pulseman was released for Sega Mega Drive in Japan back in 1994.

Alistair Wong
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