The First SINoALICE Concert is Now Available to Watch for Free


Fans of music by NieR composer Keiichi Okabe should check out the first SINoALICE concert that is now available to watch in its entirety for free.

Check out the new upload from the official SINoALICE YouTube Channel below:

The concert title is “SINoALICE CoNCERT ~Gishin and Anki’s Pleasant Music Festival~”. The SINoALICE concert took place in Tokyo on November 24, 2018. The recording we’re seeing here is from the evening performance.

Here’s a bit on SINoALICE from the developer Pokelabo:

Many hungers… one desire.

A ‘Cruel Tale’ of Girls Who Must Kill to Live

Up, down, left, right… Here, it’s all the same. Books are piled high in every direction. Welcome to the “Library,” a space ruled by stories and words.

The sounds of penitent sobs, mournful howls, withering laughter, and terrible screams rebound off the shelves.

These are the voices of Characters from countless tales. The muttered curses of the inhuman.

They all share a single wish: “To revive my Author.” But for this simple wish to come true, every other Character must die.

No matter what tragic ending that may bring…


SINoALICE will launch globally for iOS and Android on July 1, 2020. Check our previous report for the latest details on its global launch, which will be handled by Pokelabo.

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