katam Namco Bandai. A downloadable version of Mister Driller with a mission mode and time attack kicks off their DSiWare line up on February 25. The title is also a “premium” DSiWare game ringing in at 800 DSi Points ($8).


Next month Namco Bandai finally brings a Katamari game to the Nintendo DS. However, Koroga Puzzle Katamari barely resembles the grab everything with a giant sticky ball gameplay the Katamari series is known for. Korogashi Puzzle Katamari looks more like Tetris with a black hole that engulfs blocks and things. The Katamari spinoff is a bit cheaper than Mr. Driller too running at 500 DSiPoints ($5). It’s nice to see Namco Bandai refresh the Katamari franchise. Also, it’s nice to see at least one third party developer working on DSiWare games. Right now Nintendo is carrying the platform.

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