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The Fourth of July Lasts About a Month With the PSO2 Independence Day Event

pso2 independence day phantasy star online 2 independence day

The North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting an entirely new event. Appropriately enough, it is based on one people will soon be celebrating in real life. The official website revealed the Fourth of July will begin with PSO2 Independence Day. Instead of one day, it will run until July 22, 2020.

While this does seem like a rather long one, only certain elements of it will be taking place for the full almost-month. For example, you’ll see the PSO2 Independence Day liberty decor around the ship until July 22nd, complete with fireworks and… apparently Christmas trees.

pso2 independence day phantasy star online 2 independence day 2

Moving along. Some elements will be around longer. Xia has new Client Orders that reward people with Glory Badge 2020 currency. These can be used to buy an Uncle Sam Suit outfit for all male races, an Uncle Sam Hat accessory, a Roller Diner outfit for all female races, a Diner Visor accessory, an Old Glory cape accessory, a Berry Pie consumable item to provide a +50% Triboost for ten minutes, and a Festival emote that involves fireworks. There will be a VR simulation event with a Virtual Planet Battle Practice Urgent Quest that can give people a Charleville 1776 weapon camo, Hyoutenka 13-star assault rifle, Paraselene 13-star rod, and Snow Camellia 13-star sword.

As for the limited time event, the PSO2 Independence Day boost will be available from July 1-7, 2020. This gives everyone +50% EXP earned, Meseta earned, and rare item drop rate.

Here’s a trailer looking at things and a few red, white, and blue screenshots.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is available for the Xbox One and PC in North America. As a reminder, its fourth episode will begin in August 2020 and the PSO2 roadmap for 2020 will involve “eight years’ worth of content.”

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