The Future Of Time Hollow – Is A Sequel Or Prequel More Probable?

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Those who have played Konami’s intriguing point-and-click adventure game Time Hollow had to have noticed how rich the characters and story were and how well executed the whole game was. The only problem was how brief the entire adventure was. Many may be hoping for a second go around, but is a Time Hollow 2 even possible? If you haven’t finished the game, you may want to turn back now.

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There are two possible options for a Time Hollow follow-up. There could be a direct sequel, or there could be a prequel. A direct sequel following the Kairos family is impossible, however. The Kairos’ Hollow Pen is now trapped in a time loop. It is constantly making its way forward through a specific time period, then being sent back into the past again.


So any direct sequel would instead have to follow the Onegin family’s pen. Since Irving Onegin was the main antagonist in Time Hollow, it would prove difficult for him to suddenly be cast in a ‘hero’ role in a possible Time Hollow 2. A possible option is to move forward a generation or two and focus on Irving Onegin’s son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter and his/her experience with the Hollow Pen.


But, after seeing the behavior of Irving throughout Time Hollow, fans of the game may have trouble accepting any sort of storyline where he managed to straighten out. After seeing the opinion Irving’s own mother had of him and the lengths she was willing to go to in order to try and prevent his behavior, it may even be possible that she would try to find a way to destroy the Onegin’s Hollow Pen, to prevent Irving from using it.


The other option is for the Time Hollow series to begin moving backwards, rather than forwards. If another entry was planned, it could follow the adventures of Ethan’s father, Timothy Kairos. Time Hollow already established that he made frequent use of the pen.


Plus, this could also help boost sales of the original Time Hollow. Kori Twelves, the girl trapped in time in the original Time Hollow, could act as Timothy’s assistant, as she did for Ethan. Plus, the “unsolved issue” concerning Kori could inspire people to pick up the original game to find out what happened to her. And since Timothy stated that Sox always seemed to be around and look the same in the original Time Hollow, he could appear in a Timothy-centered Time Hollow sequel.


This could set an interesting precedence for the series, if Konami decided to continue the franchise. A third Time Hollow could follow Timothy’s father, and maybe even start to delve into the origins of the Hollow Pen and how the Kairos family happened to acquire it. Let’s hope that Konami decides to continue this series.


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