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The Game About Finding Fake “Real Life People” Uses “Likes” From Social Media In Battles



Marvelous recently announced Net High, an upcoming adventure game for PlayStation Vita, that involves finding people who fake people, who are supposedly happy with their lives without using the Internet. Famitsu shares a first look and some more details on the game.


As previously mentioned, there’s a term in Japan for people that are satisfied with their real lives (offline) called “Rea-Jyuu,” but we’re calling them “IRL People” for the sake of covering this game.



In Net High, the protagonist is a freelancer who goes by “Mr. Me,” and he’s what is considered a “non-IRL Person,” meaning, he wouldn’t be happy without having access to the Internet; and as it turns out, all the IRL People in Net High are actually imposters of some sort. What will he do to these fake-IRL People once exposed? Why, blow them up, of course!



The gameplay of Net High is split into two different parts. The first part requires investigation work, where you’ll need to get information from followers on social media networks, and by getting help from a character named Sil.



After getting enough proof to expose these fake IRL People, you’ll participate in what’s called an “Explosive Destruction by Fire Battle”. Once you win, it’ll expose them of their lies and blow them up.


While we still don’t know exactly how these battles work, the above screen shows Mr. Me fighting and losing with only 125,000,000 likes against Mr. Elite’s 132,000,000. We’ll have more details on how these battles work once more information becomes available.


Net High is in development for PlayStation Vita. It’s being developed by Groove Box Japan, who helped in the making of various games such as Little King’s Story on Wii. The scenario is being written by Story Works, character designs by Sugi Koutaro, and Koichi Tanaka as the producer.

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