The Grandia HD Remaster PC Version Will Appear In September 2019


grandia hd remaster pc


Back when GungHo Online Entertainment brought up the Grandia HD Remaster and the Grandia HD Collection, it noted the PC game would launch after the Nintendo Switch compilation. Now, we have a better idea of when that will be. The game’s Steam product page says it will make its debut in September 2019.


The Grandia HD Remaster PC version will have a number of features the Nintendo Switch version will not. For example, it will have two control scheme options. People could play with a keyboard or a gamepad. These inputs can be changed. It will let the players choose their resolution and see the game in widescreen. The Steam version also will let players earn achievements and trading cards as they play or save their files to the cloud.


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Grandia HD Collection will make its Nintendo Switch debut on August 16, 2019. Grandia II HD Remaster is immediately available for the PC. Grandia HD Remaster will show up on PCs in September 2019.

Jenni Lada
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