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The Great Ace Attorney Demonstrates Bits And Pieces Of The First Trial



Capcom recently shared a look at some of The Great Ace Attorney’s animation, but we get to see even more, courtesy of producer Shintaro Kojima, during the latest episode of Capcom TV!, which featured the upcoming title.



The Great Ace Attorney footage begins at the 19:00 mark, where Ryunosuke Naruhodo is attending his first trial. According to producer Shintaro Kojima, Capcom put a lot of effort into the background, giving it more of a 3D representation to give you a better idea of its size and depth.


As seen in our earlier report, this appears to be the case where Ryunosuke has been accused of murder, so his buddy Kazuma Asougi is there to bail his fat out of the fire. Asougi is still a student, but he’s already considered a full-fledged attorney. He also doesn’t need wind for his headband to flow like that, according to Kojima.


Kojima explains that Ryunosuke will start out as a student, so he doesn’t exactly know too much about what’s going on, but Asougi will be there to assist him at the beginning.


To avoid spoilers in the story, the producer flips through parts of the game, and you can see the next bit of footage at the 22:26 mark, where we get to see Taketsuchi Auchi, who is the first rival prosecutor in The Great Ace Attorney. According to Kojima, Auchi is an ancestor of Winston Payne.


In this trial, Ryunosuke has been accused of murder, and there are two witnesses that claim to have been there when it happened, so Ryunosuke will start out in a pinch. They show the start of the cross-examination phase at 25:15.


Kojima explains that the markers on the top-right shows you how many chances you get, as messing up and using all five markers will end in a verdict of guilty. As shown in the clip, Asougi will be there to take you through the phases, so even if you’re new to the series, he’ll be there to hold your hand through it, early on.


Things might sound a little confusing at parts during trials, especially with witnesses that don’t make too much sense, but similar to past Ace Attorney games, you’ll be able to get further information during the cross-examination to get the right details from the witnesses and other objects for the case.


Kojima demonstrates what it’s like if you get things wrong with the evidence, and Ryunosuke’s nervous-looking eyes didn’t seem to help his case. He then shows us what it’s like to properly finish the trial at the 32:30 mark, where Ryunosuke proves his innocence with the help of his buddy Asougi.


The Great Ace Attorney is slated for release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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