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The Great Ace Attorney Demonstrates Its Two Main Features



In The Great Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodou will team up with Sherlock Holmes to solve mysteries and cases. Capcom’s latest trailer highlights two of the biggest features in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.



After a short introduction on the game’s story and characters, we get to see some gameplay footage, and it highlights the two biggest features, starting with the “Joint Reasoning” section, where Ryunosuke and Sherlock will work together to solve mysteries.


As a detective, Sherlock Holmes’ perception is on a whole other level of a genius, but due to his super keen sense of observation, there may be times where even the great detective might miss some of the things that are just in front of his face.



In order to help Holmes out, you’ll get to observe people and objects from different angles, to pinpoint the truth or any key points.


Next, at the 2:20 mark, the video showcases the “Closing Argument” feature that will play a major role in the courtroom battles of The Great Ace Attorney. This occurs when it looks like the jurors toss their torches into the black side for a guilty verdict.


When that happens, Ryunosuke will find himself in a pinch, as even some of the uncertain jurors may also side with the first one to go with a guilty verdict; however, all isn’t lost yet, as you’ll have one last chance to point out a contradiction in a Closing Argument to completely change the tide of the trial, and keep it going on.


The Great Ace Attorney is slated for release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. You can see more from the game in an earlier report, where director Shu Takumi shared a look at some gameplay footage.

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