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The Great Ace Attorney’s First DLC Episode Is A Short Story From Early In The Game



The Great Ace Attorney released in Japan last week, and Capcom released a free short story DLC called “The Randst Magazine” that will tell you a bit more of what happened during the earlier stages of the game. 4Gamer provides a look at some of its screenshots.


Before Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo takes off to England, he’ll be learning the ways of the law back home in Japan, while getting help from his friend Kazama Asougi.


002 003


The short story involves two witness characters that gave Ryunosuke a tough time in his very first case, and they seem to be arguing about something… but we don’t know what exactly.


Checking out this short story might give you a little more insight on what was going on during that part of the game with these two characters.


005 006

007 008

The DLC also includes a Nintendo 3DS custom theme featuring Ryunosuke, where you’ll get to see him pulling off his “Objection!” pose, and other looks and designs.


There will be a total of eight DLC waves, and after the first one, they’ll all go for 300 yen each, or can be purchased in a bit set for 2,000 yen. The DLCs also include special pictures, BGM, voices, and  “making of” videos for the game, to go with the short story and custom theme.

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