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The Great Ace Attorney’s Fourth Case Is About A Lonely Man And His Cat



Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, will spend some time in England to learn more about the ways of the law, and it’s also where he’ll practice his trade through strange cases. Capcom have shared a look at the game’s fourth case.


The title of the fourth case is ““The Adventure of the Foggy Night and Myself”. It might not make sense now, but keep reading.


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Now that Ryunosuke has experienced his first trial in England, he is requested by the Chief Justice Vortex to stand in court again, since he’s the only attorney available to take the job.


The trial is set for the following day, so Ryunosuke will have time to make his decision, but before doing so, he’ll need to meet his client to find out more about the case.


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This client ends up being a Japanese student named Soseki Natsume, who happens to be studying abroad, like Ryunosuke. Soseki is a well-known writer who has already written countless popular titles, but he’s in England for studies.



According to Soseki, he was walking around during a foggy night in London, where he suddenly saw a lady whose been stabbed in the back. There was no one else around him at the time, and Soseki was instantly labeled as the suspect.

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With no friends while studying abroad, Soseki only had his cat named “Wagahai” (meaning I, me, or myself, with a nuance of arrogance) to keep him company. Soseki is timid and shy, but knowing that Ryunosuke is also from his home country, he’ll open up a little bit to help with more details on exactly what happened that night.


Now that we know the cat’s name, the title of “The Adventure of the Foggy Night and Myself (Wagahai)” makes a little more sense!



Soseki Natsume: after being ordered by the Japanese government, he was dispatched to London as a Japanese foreign student to learn English. He’s nervous and has a suspicious behavior by nature, and hasn’t been able to adjust living in England.


Wagahai: Soseki’s calico cat, and his one and only friend in London. It remains unknown whether he was brought from Japan or if he met the little fellow in England.


The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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