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The Great Ace Attorney’s Second DLC Story Is A Short Comedy Episode



The Great Ace Attorney’s second case is a story based on a Sherlock Holmes story, but the second DLC episode is one that adds a bit of extra comedy to the case. 4Gamer shares some details on the new DLC episode.



The short episode is part of the “The Randst Magazine #2” DLC, and it takes place on the Araclay steamship that is headed to London. During the second case of the game’s story, Ryunosuke finds himself in trouble as the suspect of the case.


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The DLC short episode will tell the story of another incident that occurred during the trip on the trip to London, and it’ll feature characters like Sherlock Holmes and Mitrov Straganov, a stout Russian who was on duty as a guard when the incident of the case occurred.



Similar to the first DLC, this one will also include a custom Nintendo 3DS theme based on Sherlock Holmes and partner Iris Watson.


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The first DLC included a little feature that lets you check out a Ryunosuke illustration and a character model of him. The second one features Susato Mikotoba, along with her lines and voiced bits that weren’t included in the original game.


So far we’ve seen two of The Great Ace Attorney’s eight DLC features. They cost 300 yen each, or can be purchased in a bundle for 2,000 yen.

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