PlayStation 3

The Guided Fate Paradox’s Teaches You How To Change Destiny


NIS America has shared a new trailer for their roguelike dungeon crawler The Guided Fate Paradox, giving us the first glimpse of Lilliel’s English voice acting. Accompanying her is music by Takaha Tachibana from the gothic rock band Yousei Teikoku (who also performed the opening theme).


The game lets you play as Renya, a high school boy who becomes a god by winning a lottery. As a god, you must grant the wishes of your subjects by entering a Copy World and changing their fates. There several angels other than Lilliel who will help you along the way, and you can equip an absurd variety of items.


The Guided Fate Paradox will be released in North America for the PlayStation 3 on November 5. A limited edition is also available for pre-order from NIS America.